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Outer Banks Caribbean Pools and Spas Pool Installation




1. 100′s of Satisfied Customers

See what Caribbean’s customers have to say about our exceptional service.
Simply stated:  “We do what we say and say what we do.”   Please see our interactive pool map


2. No Concession Guarantee

Rest assured you will never be charged a concession paid to a rental guest because the pool area
was not 100% perfect.  No excuses, no concessions, no down time. PERIOD.


3. 3-Year Workmanship Warranty On Pool Installations

Caribbean stands by their work and our comprehensive warranty surpasses every pool company in the business.  Most pool companies provide only one year. Caribbean Pool Care must provide weekly maintenance throughout the warranty

4. Always Accessible

7 days a week 12 months a year – Caribbean is here when you need us! Our homeowners know they
can depend on us. Calls and questions are answered promptly.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing Caribbean is always a call or click away, no matter how far away you live.


5. Well Connected

Caribbean has a great working relationship with all area town and county building inspector offices.  Caribbean streamlines the installation process by obtaining permits easily and completing inspections in a timely manner. Our reputation is excellent and the area’s inspectors know Caribbean’s work is done right the first time and complies with all of the laws and codes.

6. Highest Standards

Caribbean is the only pool company on the Outer Banks to hire an outside person to inspect the
work of our own pool cleaners. Every Caribbean Service Tech must pass the highest standards to
earn the “Best in Service” claim we have earned.


7. Calm In The Storm

We know an approaching storm can rattle everyone’s nerves. Caribbean springs to action at the
earliest warning of impending weather. Caribbean does not charge for storm preparation for our
cleaning accounts. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that Caribbean is here looking after their property while they are miles away. After a pending storm has passed, we keep those lines of communication open and report back to our owners promptly.


8. Clear Communication
Both Homeowners & Management Co.

Caribbean keeps the owner and your property management company informed and in the loop.
From storm updates, billing or repairs, Caribbean provides our Customers a “no surprise” relationship.


9. Maximum Coverage

Fully insured with maximum coverage in both liability and workers comp.
Caribbean customers rest easy knowing they will never be exposed to potential liabilities or legal issues. Caribbean has you covered!


10. Respect

We treat Owners, Guests and Management Companies with the utmost respect and courtesy.
We treat your property as if it were our own. We respect other people’s valuable time and we know
the vacation business and what it entails. Our staff members wear the Caribbean shirts proudly.